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Who is Kate Kunkel?

As is the case with so many people helping others improve their health, Kate’s passion was borne of personal heartache.

At the same time Kate’s mom received the diagnosis of dementia, Kate was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, and consequently felt compelled to research how she and her mother, who were both previously relatively healthy, could have developed these terrible diseases.

As a result, Kate instituted lifestyle changes to protect her own brain and reverse the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis. While she also attempted to help her mother reverse her symptoms, the diagnosis came too late for Kate to be able to make a meaningful difference. However, losing her mother to this ruthless disease inspired Kate to do everything she could to learn more about dementia, and do whatever she could to help others avoid that terrible fate.

That inspired Kate to study with luminaries in the field of brain health, including Dr. Dale Bredesen and Dr. Daniel Amen. Kate is a Certified ReCode Coach and Certified Brain Health Professional.

With this training and through her own experience, research, and coaching clients, Kate developed a protocol to help others in their own journey toward a healthier brain and away from the possibility of developing dementia of any time.

Utilizing the healing power of whole plant foods, exercise, music, mindfulness, continual learning, and supplementation that inspired her own healing, Kate has since helped many clients improve their overall health, including brain health, through individual coaching and group programs.

Kate is also a vegan nutritionist and a certified sound therapist, using music and sound therapy to enhance the benefits of the other lifestyle changes she helps her clients make.

The best-selling author of several books on brain health, including Don’t Let the Memories Fade, The Vegan Brain, and The Musical Brain, Kate’s message to everyone is that.. we CAN reverse dementia!

Her mantra and what she strives to instill in others, is this:

“It is never too early to look after your brain, but it can become too late. Don’t Wait!”