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A Unique Approach to Addressing Trauma for a Healthier Brain

Keylee Miracle takes a neurointuitive approach to addressing trauma, which makes it possible to heal and improve the brain. She says that, though it might not be your “fault”, healing IS your responsibility that requires addressing and resolving inner conflict.

Keylee's approach uses hypnotherapy and mind mapping in concert with intuitive practice,. She joins Kate Kunkel on this 2021 edition of Brain Health Matters for a candid discussion about the ways psychological, physical, and ancestral trauma can increase your risk for developing mental health issues AND dementia. 

Some highlights of this week's program:

09:24  How ancestral and unaddressed suppression of women can impact our brains

12:33  Are our reactions to trauma among the epigenetic factors that impact the likelihood of developing dementia?

14:05 A gift from Keylee: Option C webinar

15:30: How to deal with hypervigilance

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