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Day Two: Eliminating Sugar

Hey – so do you have your goal(s) set?

Good – because keeping your eye on the prize will help you as you tackle today’s first step: Eliminating sugar.

And here’s the PDF for today:  2. Inflammatory Foods Sugar .pdf 

And here’s your extra material for today:  2. Strategies to Eliminate Sugar READY.pdf 

If you do have an extra sweet tooth (and many people do today because of the fact it is in everything), you might consider using monk fruit sweetener. I just recently learned of this, and while we can’t get it here in Ecuador, I’m sure it is available most everywhere in North America. This is a great article explaining its benefits and uses:

Please remember – keep your journal with you! It will help you stay honest and on track with your goals.

“A great deal of change can happen very quickly with just a little bit of knowledge and some simple shifts in our behaviors.” Joseph McClendon III

See you tomorrow!