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Day Eight: Taking Stock and a Quick Review

Day Eight: Taking Stock and a Quick Review 

Let’s just do a quick tally of what you’ve learned so far, and how you’re getting along with the assignments.

Day 1: Goal setting – did you set a goal and write it down? Did you start a journal?

Day 2: Beginning to eliminate sugar as one of the inflammatory foods. Did you try the tiramisu?

Day 3: Exercise – Are you able to get in at least 15 minutes per day?

Day 4: Being conscious of gluten and grains – this will be tremendously helpful against inflammation and leaky gut. Have you tried any of the recipes?

Day 5: An attitude of gratitude is a powerful healer. Did you try the happiness quiz?

Day 6: Digestion is not just about eating. It’s about the brain. Did you try the mindful eating exercise and to stimulate the vagus  nerve?

Day 7: The care and feeding of the all-important microbiome is in your hands with probiotics and prebiotics. What is your favorite source of probiotics?

DAY 8: Today – consider how everything went last week. If all went well last week, and you didn’t struggle or skip the habit for more than a day, you’re ready to continue. For example, if you’ve successfully eliminated sugar and gluten this week, then consider any other problematic foods that you could reduce for this week too.

Or if you’ve struggled with eliminating the sugar or the gluten, put extra focus this week on getting it right. Or, if you haven’t yet added fermented foods or probiotics to your diet, let’s try to get that in this week. 

Never make too big an adjustment so that it becomes too difficult. This slow change process of expanding the habit a little at a time helps overcome you’re mind’s resistance to change and discomfort.

Each step isn’t difficult, so your mind doesn’t rebel much. Gradually the habit becomes your new normal and you can expand a bit more, pushing your comfort zone a little at a time.

Your Extra Materials: The One Page Miracle 8. One+Page+Miracle.pdf-edited.pdf 

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over, instead of craving control over what you don’t.” Anonymous