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Day Ten: Reducing Stress

Day Ten: Reducing Stress


Congratulations on continuing your journey. I hope you’re making these gradual changes, or adding new techniques to help you nurture your second brain.

Today’s work is going to be on reducing stress to nurture our guts. I can’t stress enough how important this is, so we’ll get started right away. Today’s video is quite a bit longer than normal, but I used our time together to guide you through some powerful stress reduction techniques, so I hope you find them helpful.

Reducing Stress: Part 1
Reducing Stress: Past 2

Here is your PDF for today:  10. Stress and the Gut and the Brain.pdf 

Today’s Assignment: Try out the STOP meditation and the ANT killing technique. Chart in your journal how they made you feel.

And here is your guide to the Killing ANTS material I spoke about in the video.   OvercomingYourANTsGuide Kate Kunkel.pdf