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Module Two, Lesson Two Stress and the Gut/Brain Connection

Module Two, Lesson Two
Stress and the Gut / Brain Connection

First – Watch this Video

Some information on how the microbiome and your brain are connected, and a simple dietary practice that helps protect our brain and your gut. Stress and the Gut.pdf 

Here is the list of activities to help make your microbiome healthier and reduce stress.  Happy Microbiome Happy Brain.pdf 

Here is the VIDEO I mentioned with the frequencies that are designed to improve the health of your microbiome. 

Your Assignments for Lesson Two of Module Two

1. Try to eliminate all sugar and processed foods for just one week. Journal how you feel physically and if there is any change in your brain function – do you feel your mind is clearer? Do you feel tired?

2. Eat your meals mindfully, avoiding large amounts of liquids in the 20 minutes before and after you eat. Journal if you feel any difference in your digestion.

3. Listen to the gut health frequencies from the video above for 10 minutes or so each day. Ideally, use it when you’re doing a breathing meditation, but it can be while you’re working on your computer, or reading. If possible, use headphones. Journal your experiences.