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Module Two, Lesson Four, Creative Exercises for a Healthier, Happier Brain

Module Two, Lesson Four
Creative Exercises for a Healthier, Happier Brain

Your Assignments for Module Two, Lesson Four

1. Create a mandala. This exercise is designed to help de-stress while also activating the creative in you. 

Here are two different templates, as explained in the video:  Mandala Template 1.pdf  Mandala Template 2.pdf 

I invite you to use this recording while you’re doing your first mandala. It has binaural and isochronic tones, both of which help with focus and creativity when they are at the right frequency. You can read more about how that works in the provided links if you would like to understand it further.

2. Journal your thoughts and feelings that came about while drawing the mandala. What colors did you use? Do you know why? 

What was your reaction to the music? Do you think it helped with your concentration and creativity?

3. AFTER you draw and color your mandala, see if you agree that the meanings of the colors and shapes as outlined in this fun little article match what YOU were feeling.  Joy of Mandalas.pdf