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Module Two, Lesson One

Module Two, Lesson One

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What Does Stress Do to our Brains?

When you look at all the signs in this attached poster, you realize just how insidious stress can be. Many of the things going on in your body may be telling you that NOW is the time to attend to these. Warning Signs of Stress.pdf 

For a detailed explanation of how stress impacts the likelihood of developing dementia, please read  Stress on the Brain.pdf .

Your Assignments for Lesson One of Module Two

1. Do a body scan using the Warning Signs poster that you received above. Journal what you feel are your concerns so that you can go back at the end of this program to see how you have progressed.

2. And here is a handout with the S.T.O.P. meditation.  The STOP Meditation.pdf  Use this when you find yourself feeling anxious because of thoughts that are getting you all worked up. It helps to remember that our thoughts are basically illusions that can send us in a stressful spiral, so this exercise can help STOP them. Journal what happens when you use this.