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Module Five: A Purposeful Life, Joy and a Heathier Brain

Tune Up Your Brain Module Five:
A Purposeful Life, Joy and the Healthy Brain

Living a Purposeful Life Leads to Long Term Brain Health

In this, our last module, we’re going to cover the importance of our human connections, in all of their forms. We are going to examine how purpose, generosity, gratitude, joy and trust impact our brains, and I’m going to give you some thought-provoking exercises that I encourage you to do. I highly recommend that you journal your experiences throughout, because this may just be the most important module of this program.

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We think of purpose and generosity and gratitude coming from the heart, but whatever goes on in the heart also has an effect on the brain. That is why I like to share the heart breath meditation. This quote from the Institute of HeartMath puts it beautifully: “The heart and brain maintain a continuous two-way dialogue, each influencing the other’s functioning. The signals the heart sends to the brain can influence perception, emotional processing and higher cognitive functions. This system and circuitry is viewed by neurocardiology researchers as a “heart brain”.   

Here is an MP3 meditation to help you make that connection: 
Heart Breath Meditation.mp3 

And now, on to our lessons.