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Module Five,Lesson Five: The Mindfulness Attribute for this Week – TRUST

Module Five, Lesson Five
The Mindfulness Attribute for this Week – TRUST

As we have been talking about purpose, generosity and gratitude in this module, Trust seemed like the most appropriate attribute to discuss. This also feeds back to Lesson Three where we discussed generosity and empathy.

There are two kinds of trust applicable to mindfulness. The first is self trust, and the second is trusting in the process and/or another person. 

Self trust means being more self-aware of core feelings and beliefs that are separate  from cultural or societal beliefs. Being self-aware leads to self-trust. It’s a process of learning to trust yourself in any situation – not just those you are comfortable with.

As you do the exercise in Lesson One on finding your purpose in life, it will be very helpful to trust your feelings and your intuition, leaving aside any preconceived notions of what you are “supposed” to be or do. 

Trust in the process means trusting that things will work out in the current path you’re on. It means having confidence that the people and processes in your life will work in your favor if you continue to work diligently through them.

Trust also helps us develop many of the other mindful attributes. Patience comes more easily if you trust the process as does acceptance and suspending judgment.

By learning to trust your own experience, feelings and intuition, you will free yourself from  the tyranny of harsh self-judgement and striving.

Here is your handout for Lesson Five:  Trust.pdf

Your Assignment for Lesson Five:
1. Identify areas of your life in which you lack trust in yourself. Journal how that makes you feel, and how you might nurture more self-trust.

2. Ask yourself what lacking trust in others does to your mind and consider what it would take for you to develop more trust.