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Module Five, Lesson Three – Generosity and Empathy

Module Five, Lesson Three – Generosity and Empathy

Generosity reduces stress, supports your physical health, enhances your sense of purpose, and naturally fights depression, one of the biggest contributors to dementia. There have also been many studies showing that it also increases your lifespan. In this lesson you’ll explore many ways to nurture this important trait.
Here is your video for this lesson. Click Image to Watch

Here is your reading for this lesson:  Generosity and Empathy Feed the Brain.pdf 

Your Assignment for Lesson Three:

1. This is a time to be self-reflective about your ability to empathize with others, and how that translates to your outward actions toward them. How do you feel when you give? Is there something you have often said you would like to do to help others but just “don’t have the time” to do? Perhaps now is the time to consider taking the time.

2. Here is the loving kindness meditation again that is already in your “Files” materials.  loving kindness audio.mp3  I thought this might be a good time to enjoy this again, and here also is the script for that meditation.  Loving Kindness Meditation.pdf  Sometimes it helps to see the meditation written to fully integrate the sentiment into your thought processes before beginning.