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Module Four, Lesson Four – Earthing and Other Ways to Align with the Earth

Module Four, Lesson Four
Earthing and Other Ways to Align with the Earth

Here’s your video for this lesson. Click Image to Watch.

Grounding, earthing, forest bathing – whatever you want to call it – connecting with the earth in simple ways have an incredibly powerful effect on your brain, your ability to focus, your ability to handle stress, and on your level of happiness. So in this lesson, we’re going to go barefoot. Even if it’s cold outside, simply putting your bare feet on the floor in your house and paying attention to that energy is a powerful healing and empowering tool.

This is an excellent article about the benefits of earthing/grounding:  

Why does grounding work so well? Because we are connecting our electromagnetic field to that of the earth. That means our heart rate variability improves, and we have better blood flow. It also decreases the thickness of our blood so that it flows better through our entire bodily more easily. This is ESSENTIAL for a healthy brain, as low blood flow means our neurons aren’t getting the nutrients and oxygen they need to be healthy. Just get outside and connect directly to Mother Earth!

Here is the link to a recent BLOG I wrote to show how you can improve your posture to help improve your brain function.     

Here also is a link to a wonderful article about using ballet positions for your posture. No – you don’t have to go “en pointe” – this is just a way to straighten your back!

Your Assignments for Lesson Four:

1. Spend time earthing. Hug a tree. Walk barefoot on some grass, or shuffle your feet in the fallen leaves. Get your hands in the dirt of a garden.

2. Be aware of your posture, and if you’re curving your spine, do whatever you need to do to straighten it. 

3. Journal how you feel after an earthing experience. Draw an image of how it made you feel. Write a poem to a tree. Anything! Just consciously be aware of how that time connecting to the earth makes you feel.