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Module Four, Lesson Five – Mindfulness

Module Four, Lesson Five – Mindfulness

The attributes of mindfulness we’re nurturing in this module are “Non-Striving” and “Letting Go”. These seemed appropriate for our theme of simplicity.

Non-Striving: Non-striving in mindfulness and meditation is simply a practice of taking a moment’s pause from our incessant activity – both internal and external. It is an invitation into “being” and a movement away from “doing”. Non-striving doesn’t mean we can’t have goals or aspirations. It is simply an opportunity to take pause and to cultivate present moment acceptance

Letting Go: Letting go is a practice of softly surrendering what no longer serves us. It invites us to melt into the present moment by easing the body and softening the mind. Whether what we yearn to let go of is physical tension or stress or an unwelcome emotion, we can practice letting go by coming back to our body and consciously inviting gentle relaxation to wash through us.

I thought the best way to close out this module on simplicity would be to offer a beautiful meditation on letting go and non-striving, accompanied by pure and simple harp music. Here is the 8 minute recording, which I designed for those who have trouble settling in for long meditations: Letting Go Meditation.mp3 

If you are able to do longer meditations, this is an amazing “letting go” guided visualization. It’s about 24 minutes and is absolutely lovely. 

Click On Image to Watch Video
Letting Go – A Guided Meditation

That’s it for this lesson. I hope you have enjoyed these many tips on ways to simplify your life to help make your brain happier and healthier.

See you in Module Five!