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Module Four, Lesson Three, Tap Away the Clutter in Your Mind

Module Four, Lesson Three
Tap Away the Clutter in Your Mind

Here’s your video for this lesson. Click Image to Watch.

One of the biggest things to create clutter in our lives and in our minds, is negative self-talk and our reactions to stress. In this lesson, we’ll use the simple but powerful Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or Tapping, to help clear our minds and our hearts of things that do not serve us. In this video I demonstrate the basic technique, and there is also a short handout describing why and how this technique can be so valuable.

Here’s the handout with the technique:   What is EFT.pdf 

Your Assignment for Lesson Three:
1. Choose an issue that you are currently struggling with, and frame it in this way to create an affirmation you can use for the tapping exercise: Even though…….  (this can be something as simple as “I have a fear of spiders”, and it can be in the present tense, or you can frame it in a way to make it more like something that you are finished with by saying,  “I have had a fear of spiders”) … I deeply and profoundly love myself.   So the sentence is, “Even though ……  I deeply and profoundly love myself”. This is your affirmation.

2. Follow along with my demonstration in the video. Take the time to rate your level of anxiety or anger or whatever it is when you start, and then assess yourself at the end of the session.

3. Journal your experience, and if necessary, repeat to help deal with stress and/or overwhelm. Your brain will thank you a million times over!