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Module Three of Tune Up Your Brain

This week is all about setting you up for a more pleasurable, successful experience for learning and remembering. 

Popular wisdom tells us that it is more difficult to learn as we age, but I’m not convinced that’s true. I think our brains can learn just fine, thank you. The problem is that we pressure ourselves to learn faster because we think we have to do things right away, or we have to prove something to someone, including ourselves.

While it’s true that it is more difficult to build new pathways in the brain if we haven’t been learning all along, it is not impossible, and with the proper set-up and mindset, it really doesn’t matter whether you are 50 or 70.

In Module Two, we enjoyed several ways to reduce stress, and those exercises are marvelous ways to help us calm down so that we don’t feel we have to do it all, right away. That is a much better way to encourage learning, retaining information, and inspiring neuroplasticity.

That led me to start this module about learning with a gentle Tai Chi exercise. This simple beginner exercise is just a few minutes long. The instructor goes through the exercise once with instructions, and then again just demonstrating without talking, so you can really get into the movements.

Besides being a gentle meditation, this also stretches your brain in healthy new ways if you’ve never done anything like this before. It’s a beautiful way to set yourself up for learning. Enjoy! You may want to subscribe to the You Tube channel as she has several of these easy beginner videos.