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Module Three, Lesson Three

Module Three, Lesson Three

Music and Rhythm for Better Learning
Here’s the video for this lesson: 

Using Rhythm to Learn, including learning a Language: Learning to a Beat.pdf 
Here is the video on using a beat to learn language:

Assignments for Lesson Three, Module Three

1. Conscious Listening to complicated classical music is a great way to make the brain function in ways that normally only happen for musicians. This helps make a stronger, thicker corpus collosum, the bridge that connects our right and left hemispheres. Listen to this Brandenburg Concerto, specifically following an instrument or musician.

2. If you have decided to try to learn a language, try using the metronome exercise in the handout and video above. 
3. Sing. Anything. If you don’t already sing, start with the Alphabet Song or the Do-Re-Mi song that I demonstrate in the video. This is just about resonance and creating sound that helps the brain cells grow and connect better with each other.