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Module Three, Lesson Five

Module Three, Lesson Five

The attribute of mindfulness that we are discussing this week is Patience. It’s important to understand what patience means in this context.

Here’s your video for this lesson:

Patience is not passive – it is not ‘waiting.’ Patience is a form of wisdom – the simple understanding of the time it takes for events to progress or unfold. With respect to developing mindfulness, patience is about accepting that things happen in the time they have to take. 

“To be patient is simply to be completely in each moment, accepting it in its fullness.”

Here is the Patience meditation that I did in the video, so you can listen any time.  Patience meditation.mp3 

Assignment for Lesson Five, Module Three

1. Journal: Identify why it is hard for you to be patient. Ask yourself what being impatient accomplishes, especially with respect to learning.

2. Journal: Are you a perfectionist? How has that affected your life, happiness, stress levels? What do you think that could do to your ability to learn? Do you hesitate to try new things because of a fear of not doing it perfectly? What do you think that could mean for your brain long term?

I invite you to draw or create some kind of drawing or mandala around this idea of perfectionism. I did – it’s a very revealing exercise….

Another suggestion I have for goal setting – share your goal on the Facebook group! It’s a great accountability tool AND it’s a lot of fun to share your struggles and successes. 
See you next time!