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Module Three, Lesson Four

Module Three, Lesson Four

Meditation and the Gift of Silence for Learning
Here’s your video for this lesson:

There are so many ways that meditation and other mindful practices like yoga help us to learn, we could do nothing but explore them over the entire course of this program. But suffice it to say that there is nothing quite so powerful as meditation to improve not just learning and memory retention, but the health of your brain. Here is an article about just that:  Meditation for Learning .pdf 

Practices You Can Use
Another powerful tool for improving brain power is yoga. I am not going into yoga in this program because 1) I am not a yoga teacher and 2) it would be a whole program on its own. However, there are many wonderful yoga sessions available online that can help. I’m sharing this one with you because I use it myself, and … she has a dog in the video. LOL.  Seriously, it’s a good session, and if you are at all comfortable with yoga poses, you should be able to do it. If not, no worries. We have plenty more to help with brain power in this lesson.

Assignments for Lesson Four, Module Three:

1. We are still working on achieving our learning goal for this module, so please continue to journal your progress. Check off the steps you’ve accomplished and make note of any wins or worries.

2. As you are taking the action steps and learning new things this week, be sure to use the 5 minutes of silence before and after each session to integrate what you’ve learned.