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Module Three, Lesson One

It’s a law of nature – that which doesn’t grow, dies. If you don’t use your leg, it atrophies, right? Same with your brain. 

Learning and growing is not just about information, it’s about different perspectives. So in this module we are not just going to be learning specific things, we are going to be learning to look at things in different ways.

We learned a bit about neuroplasticity in Module One, so if you have not read that PDF, please do so. Here it is again so you don’t have to dig back through your materials: Neuroplasticity.pdf.

Watch this lesson’s video:

Your Assignments for Lesson One, Module Three

1. Read this very important handout about your Mindset – it will come up in Lesson Two as well, and it will help as you set your goal for this week.  Mindset and Neuroplasticity .pdf 

2. In this lesson’s video, I challenged you to choose something to learn in the week you’re doing this module. What will it be? Write in your journal what that goal is. We are much more likely to succeed and actually create new neural pathways if we set a goal. Make it something relatively small and simple, but something very different from what you normally do. Make a list of the steps you can take to achieve that goal, and tick them off as you meet them. You’ll learn more about why ticking off the steps is important in Lesson Two of this module.

Ideas for Learning Something NewIf you speak no languages other than English – maybe try to learn to say “hello” in five languages this week! Here is an example:   Five Hellos.pdf  These are actually pretty easy, AND being able to say these will give you that all important feeling of success, which is what we’re going to talk about in Lesson Two. 

Or how about learning all the lyrics to a song that you really love, and singing the whole thing? I love the song from Abba – “Thank you for the Music” – Just for giggles, here it is:  Thank You For the Music.pdf 

I also promised in the video for this lesson a recipe for a yummy vegan Thai meal. Here you go!  Recipe.pdf 

So, for this first lesson, your assignment is to simply CHOOSE what you are going to learn and see if you can come up with the steps you need to take to make that happen.