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Module Three, Lesson Two: The Subconscious and Dopamine

Module Three, Lesson Two: The Subconscious and Dopamine

What does the subconscious and dopamine have to do with learning and memory? Plenty!
Here’s your Video for Lesson Two: 

Here’s more information on dopamine:   Dopamine for Motivation, Focus and Memory.pdf 
Here is an audio version of the  Feeling Success Meditation.mp3 

Your Assignment for Lesson Two, Module Three:
1. It is very important to journal what you are doing to achieve your goal in this module. Making lists of steps to achieve a goal, and ticking off those steps, helps increase dopamine. That helps you learn faster and retain information better. So journal! Even if you don’t know what exactly to say every time you sit down, just write, “I’m writing in my journal”.  You’ll be amazed what starts to happen if you make it a habit!

2. Choose something fun to do that will help increase dopamine, and just do it. There are many suggestions in the PDF on dopamine. This will help you achieve the goal you set for this module. This is separate from the thing you have set out to learn this week.