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Lesson One, Journaling for a Healthy Brain

Module One, Lesson One
Journaling for a Healthy Brain

Please have your journal ready here to track your progress through this program. There’s nothing quite like putting pen or crayon or pencil to paper to focus your thoughts.

If you don’t normally keep a journal, this is a great way to get started, because my experience enrolling in several programs myself, plus the research I’ve done on learning, shows that the best way to get the most out of courses and programs, is to journal. Keeping track of your progress is essential. Plus, these journals will also be where you house your mindfulness mandalas, meditation reflections and the like.

Your Assignment for Lesson One should be pretty easy, and hopefully great fun.

Make entry number one of your journal, and in it, write what you hope to achieve in this program over the next five weeks.

Would you like to be able to quiet your mind more? Do you want to erase the chatter or clutter? Or do you want to be able to remember things more, or have more patience? If you feel inclined to share those hopes and dreams in the Facebook group, please do. Not only will you hold yourself accountable for doing the work to achieve those goals, you’ll help me see how I’m doing.

This is what my journal looks like as we start!