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Module One, Lesson Three, Breathing Meditation

Module One, Lesson Three
Breathing Meditation

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Our Assignments for Lesson Three

1. Enjoy the Breathing Meditation – I start off with just a few counts to set up your breathing, then I am quiet as you focus on your breath. There is no music in this; you will just hear silence. A gong will indicate the end of the meditation period.  Silent Breath Meditation 3 minutes.mp3 

2. Enjoy a Five Minute Meditation accompanied by this beautiful music. If possible, listen with headphones as this program also has the 528 hz. healing frequency built in. There is no guidance in this meditation – if you like, just start with a few rounds of mindful breathing, then relax. If you find your mind wandering, go back to counting your breaths. It helps to have a focus.  5 minutes Meditation Music.mp3 

Once again, I encourage you to journal your impressions – of the meditation, of anything that comes up during them. How did the music enhance or divert from your meditation? 

If you have not meditated before, just relax into the breath. It will be very helpful, and don’t judge yourself by thinking something like, “Am I doing it right?” Just enjoy the time with yourself and your breath. There are no exams… LOL