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Module One, Lesson Two
Neuroplasticity and Meditation

Video for Mod 1, Lesson 2

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Your Assignments for Lesson Two

1. Read the Article I’ve included here called “Neuroplasticity”. It’s a short explanation of some of the ways to inspire brain boosting beyond music, meditation and mindfulness. I’m including it because I thought it would help you see how, by just engaging in a learning activity, you are helping boost your brain.   Neuroplasticity.pdf 

2. Meditation actually performs very much like learning new things when it comes to boosting brainpower. But it does so much more; the benefits of meditation are so great there’s no way we can cover them all in this program. But there are specific parts of the brain that are strengthened and enhanced with regular meditation. Please read the PDF attached here  What Does Meditation Do to the Brain.pdf 

Ponder these benefits as we go into our first meditation, where we’ll start with the healing power of the breath. It’s a good idea to journal your impressions, so that you can go back to read the things that make you feel especially intrigued and/or empowered as you embark on this journey.