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Module Five

Here’s your Fourth and Final quiz.  Chapter Four quiz January 2019.docx 

You’ve made it! Now you get to build a practice that will help people heal themselves. What better mission could one have?

In this lesson  you will learn how to figure out who you are going to help – do you want to work with kids who have ADHD, or with seniors with Alzheimer’s? Or maybe you wish to work with younger women with one of the auto-immune diseases that are so rampant now. In this module we’ll figure out where to start, and how to market to them.   Chapter Five.pdf 

You also have access now to marketing materials that you can personalize for your own practice.  VAT International MARKETING 

In this module, we are also going to talk about professionalism and appropriate conduct. You are trained now as a professional administering a therapy, and to ensure this modality gets the respect and recognition that it deserves, it is important that you adhere to a code of conduct in keeping with our standards. You will be asked to sign a copy of the Code of Conduct and return it to your instructor before receiving your certificate.  Code of Conduct Signature.pdf 

You will receive your personalized, printable Certificate upon your instructor’s receipt of all of your completed quizzes and the signed Code of Conduct.