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Module One

Hello, and Welcome to Module One of the Vibroacoustic Therapist Training Program

In this first lesson you’ll be learning the basics of sound therapy. It’s important to understand vibration and frequencies and how sound is used in Western medicine and in holistic practices.  Here is the material for this first module:  Chapter One October 2020.pdf 

This week, you also have access to two frequency programs. The first, 40 Hz. is what we call our “basic” program. This is sort of the all-round program that we use for de-stressing, pain relief, sleep issues and the like.  

PLEASE NOTE; for the purposes of this course, do not use headphones when experiencing the frequency programs. Keep the intensity low. The point of you experiencing these programs is to pay attention to what is happening in your body and how the experience affects your mind – not your ears.  

40 hz Kunkel.mp3  


The second is a variable frequency that I created for COPD clients. It ranges from 40 to 75 Hz. and while I created it for lung issues, it also works very well for upper back and neck stress issues for many people.

The most important thing to remember as you begin using these frequencies is that, in VAT, MORE IS NOT BETTER. It is better to start off all programs at a low intensity – so that when you put your hand on the cushion or lounge, you can just feel it. You do not want the frequencies to be “blasting”. I use it at the “10 o’clock” position on my NexNeuro system.

When you are finished reading the materials and you have made a note of your reactions to the frequency programs, please make a note in the journal. I will be notified right away and we will set our appointment for our online meeting.

 Happy Learning!