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Module Three

Welcome back!

Here is the quiz for Lesson Two:  Chapter Two Quiz January 2019.docx.

Now we get into the nitty-gritty of therapy. Which program do we use for what condition?  CHAPTER THREE The Right Frequency and Choosing Music.pdf 

And if you’re going to use music, what music? Here are some suggestions:   music suggestions.pdf 

For the frequency programs this week, we’re going a little higher, which means smaller muscle groups and some bone issues.

 60hz Kunkel.mp3 is useful for pain between the shoulder blades but it also helps with arthritis in the spine and Rheumatoid Arthritis in certain circumstances.

 68hz Kunkel.mp3  tension in the neck and upper back, including whiplash (but not immediately following accident. We will discuss this more in the class.)

This year (2020), I created a new program for you to use. It is a 30 minute program combining 40 and 60 hz. to help with low back pain, which as you likely know, is very common. It can also be used for other conditions which you will learn all about in the materials for this module.  40 and 60 hz 30 minutes.mp3 

Remember to take notes as you experience these frequencies – try to do them each at least twice in this week.