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Module Two

Congratulations on finishing Module One. Here is the quiz for that module.  Chapter one quiz 2020.docx 

Now for Module Two. 

This is probably the most intense module. There is a great deal of research demonstrating the power of vibroacoustic therapy treating everything from heel spurs to Alzheimer’s. We have much that we can accomplish with our work, and I encourage you to spend time reading the summary and as many of the research papers as you can.

You do not have to memorize! The whole idea of all this material is that you have ACCESS to this research so that you can use it for your own reference. We will discuss much more in our lesson.

Here are the research papers prior to 2020   VAT International Chapter Two 

And here are the papers that we have found in 2020.  2020 New 

This week, your frequency programs are quite different.

The 30 Hz. program was designed for use with Parkinson’s clients. There has been research showing that using 30 Hz. can help reduce the tremors that are a signature of Parkinson’s, and it can also help with gait and hand grip strength. We will talk more about how it works in our third module. Be sure to make notes about how this makes you feel.  30hz Kunkel.mp3 

The 52 Hz. program is good for low backache and menstrual cramps, but I have had success using it with any large muscles, like in the thighs, for example if someone has overdone it running or cycling and is having pain. Or if there has been an injury.  

52hzK Kunkel.mp3 

Remember as you try these – less is more!