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Harps and Healing Music for a Better Brain with Tami Briggs

Join host Kate Kunkel on Brain Health Matters for a heartfelt discussion with healing harpist Tami Briggs.

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In this powerful and heart-warming episode, you'll learn how playing a musical instrument improves the functioning of the brain and increases the size and strength of the corpus callosum.

The healing power of the harp and music extends to the end of life as well, and hospice patients can also benefit from this powerful modality.

Harpists – Tami is inviting you to join her Healing Harps for Global Peace and Unity. Learn more Here:

Visit Tami's website at

To learn many more ways to use music to build a healthier brain and a more robust memory, read The Musical Brain, on Amazon everywhere.

Join Kate for her upcoming program, Tune Up Your Brain. Five weeks to enjoy music, art, mindfulness and more to improve your memory, banish brain fog, and reduce stress.