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It is Never too Early to Look After Your Brain, But it Can Become Too Late

A healthy brain is so much more than the grey and white matter between our ears.

All that makes us human: our physical, emotional, social, psychological, and spiritual selves, are dependent upon a healthy brain.

But a healthy brain is also dependent upon having a healthy body, rich social connections, good mental and emotional health, and a feeling of purpose.

Here in Brain Health Matters, Amen Licensed Brain Trainer and Certified Brain Health Professional, Kate Kunkel, guides you to nurture and enhance all of these aspects of SELF to create your best possible life and future. A big part of that is to protect your brain from dementia.

With a healthy brain, you can make good decisions, build rich and rewarding relationships, have a successful career, and ultimately enjoy a happy life filled with love, laughter and happy memories.

But there are many things that can steal away your brain health.

Traumatic injuries, exposure to toxins, the Standard American Diet and a sedentary lifestyle and even unmanaged stress and mental health issues can all impact our ability to remember, plan, learn, and simply enjoy life.

It’s important to be vigilant from an early age, because everything that our brains are exposed to can have a positive or a negative effect. And even if you think your thinking is okay, there can be things going on in the background that can impact your future in a negative way. Did you know that dementia actually begins to form 20 to 30 years before any symptoms appear?

Even things that seem as innocuous as intermittent memory loss or brain fog, trouble concentrating or organizing your time can be signals that you could be at risk for developing a degenerative neurological disease – Alzheimer’s or any one of the many other forms of dementia.

So we invite you to dig in and learn – We have provided endless material to help you in the blog, the book, the many videos on this site and, of course, in the various coaching programs and courses available here.

What People are saying about Kate’s Programs

Sally Quinlan Bosch, South Africa

“Kate, your course [Tune Up Your Brain] was just what I needed!  I have spent the last five weeks inviting more and more joy into my life.  The course ended today, but the lessons learned will be carried forward.  They have brightened up my life, quite literally.  I am feeling much more enthusiastic, balanced and purposeful.” 

Bernadette O’Rourke, Australia

“This program [Tune Up Your Bain] has been a very helpful gift box of tools and suggestions  to practice and references to explore for supporting my brain and memory health.  I learned things about myself in unexpected ways through this 5 weeks.”  

Lillian I, New York, USA

I took Kate’s Memory Rescue Plus program featuring Brightminds . I learned so much how to take care of my brain and how to function at an optimum level,  including what to eat and what to avoid as well as ways to take care my physical body. I highly recommend it if you want to know what is healthy for you so you can have  the best brain and immune system possible !

Vimala Sampath, India

“I have been having tea for decades. But I finally realized how meditative and peaceful it is to start the day with a cup of tea. Practice with Kate [Practicing Joyful Mindfulness] made me realize how much more wonderful my cup of tea is and how I can use it to center myself in the morning in just a few minutes. I left feeling so peaceful, so thanks. Going to make it a point to do this every day. Take a few minutes for me everyday.”

We Recommend for Brain Health

Clean MCT Energy For Your Brain & Body
Brain MCT Energy offers medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), which rapidly boost the body’s energy generation, especially in the brain. These are “good fats” that provide tremendous benefits for mental performance including focus and learning.

This supplement is a great option for improving cognitive function, even in people experiencing serious memory issues.

Brain MCT Energy is valuable for whole-body health and overall vitality for people of all ages.

Taking an MCT supplement one or two hours prior to a workout supplies the skeletal muscles with ketones (the liver converts the fatty acids from MCT into these small, energy-producing molecules) to help meet their increased energy needs. As the workout progresses, additional ketones may be mobilized from muscle or fat stores, and as the ketone blood levels rise, some will be pushed into the working muscles and the brain.

Brain MCT Energy supplies biochemical superfuels for an optimal brain and body.

This natural supplement may help people who tire easily when doing mental work, or who have trouble maintaining a stable blood sugar supply to their brain.

It also enhances satiety to assist with weight management, improves the brain benefits of aerobic exercise, and supports cognitive and memory function.

Brain MCT Energy is a clean and fast-acting energy source for peak brain and body performance.