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The Vegan Brain, 2nd Edition

Your Quick Start Guide to a Thriving Plant-Based Lifestyle

86 Billion Reasons to Go Vegan  

Everything we do depends on the health of our brains, so if the 86 billion neurons housed in them aren’t healthy, then life is going to be hard. 

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In “Don’t Let the Memories Fade”, you’ll learn what lifestyle factors could be putting you at risk and what actions you should take right now to mitigate them.

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It’s essential to feed the brain whole, live foods prepared with compassion and love. In return, it will be healthier and will reward you with clearer thinking, better memories, and a more meaningful life.
In this book you’ll learn the basics of the whole-foods vegan lifestyle and how to ensure you have the essential nutrients important for good all-around health.
Perhaps even more importantly, you will see how your choices can reduce suffering for countless animals and help to create a kinder, more compassionate world.

With this down-and-dirty dive into the best foods to eat for a healthy plant-based diet, you’ll understand why they’re so good for your brain. Also included is the infamous Meal Plan Jumble and dozens of delicious recipes that make it fun and easy to stick with this compassionate, healthy lifestyle.

You’ll also learn the foods to avoid, and why they can be so dangerous to your brain health.

Music is much more than a diversion or a pleasant accompaniment to our lives. By listening mindfully, singing, dancing, and especially playing a musical instrument, you will enhance your ability to learn, remember, and improve your health now, while protecting your brain for the future.