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The Healing Power of Animals for Mental and Physical Health

Taylor Chastain Griffin joined Kate Kunkel on Brain Health Matters to explore the many ways that animals can help us improve body, mind, and spirit.

Taylor is Executive Director of the Association for Animal-Assisted Intervention Professionals. With her doctorate in research psychology focusing on the human-animal bond, Taylor is passionate about bolstering pet therapy with empirical investigation. Taylor is also a dog trainer and a registered handler with Pet Partners. Taylor is based in Georgia where her family includes 9 dogs and 3 cats.

Some of the highlights of the show:
3:09  What Animal-related engagement can tell us about ourselves
6:26  How animal-assisted therapy can help stave off dementia
8:26   Kittens can change your life!
12:13 Once someone is already suffering cognitive decline, animal-therapy can be a Godsend
15:20 Live-in therapy animals for assisted living and nursing homes
17:29 Improving children's mental health
18:45 A vision of a beautiful world with animal therapy in schools
20:52 You can get involved!

The organizations Taylor mentioned are:

Pet Partners:

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