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The Neuroscience of Chronic Pain

Dr. Alissa Wolfe is a doctor of physical therapy and chronic pain specialist who got out of the clinical setting to better help people with chronic pain.

She helps people beat it by retraining the nervous system with strategies based on neuroscience .

In this week’s episode of Brain Health Matters, Alissa shared some important insights into the ways our brain and central nervous system are impacted by chronic pain, and how you can overcome them to alleviate your suffering.

Some highlights of the show:

2:47: What is actually going on in the brain when you suffer chronic pain.

6:30 The changes that occur in the spinal cord with long-standing pain

8:41 Impacts on digestion and reproduction

11:34 How chronic stress feeds chronic pain

1719 The changes that can happen in the brain

18:21 Smudging

19:35 Pain signatures in the brain are different for everyone

21:35 Why pushing through the pain is not necessarily a good idea.

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