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The Seeds of Alzheimer’s are Planted in Childhood

Some of the points Dr. Saunders shared with Kate: 

1:40 – How the seeds of Alzheimer's are planted in childhood 
3:03 – How underdeveloped or misshapen jaws can be formed 
4:53 – A special resource Dr. Saunders has made available for parents to understand and get ahead of the risk for their kids:
5:40 – How sleep issues are related to jaw development and how that impacts brain health
8:26 – The myth that 5 hours sleep can be enough for anyone
10:27 – How gingivitis and other oral health issues can lead to brain-damaging inflammation
13:00 – How bad is it to breathe through the mouth?
16:12 – Snoring is a red flag
17:31 – An Action Plan for parents
Learn more about Dr. Saunders’ work at Healthy Mouth Media
Learn more about Dr. Bredesen’s ReCODE Here:

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Next week – Dr. Heather Sandison, the creator of the Reverse Alzheimer’s summit, will be

joining us to talk about her work helping people REVERSE Alzheimer’s, and about
the miracle of Marama, her long-term care facility from which people “graduate”
after improving their brain health!