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Tracing the Connection between Sleep, Your Gut and a Healthier Brain

In this episode, Kate interviews Ariel Jarvis, a Natural Health Practitioner located in British Columbia, Canada. 

Ariel's passion to help people has led her to persist through the education required to discover the most effective ways to see life-changing results with natural health options. Her specialty is in cellular rehabilitation & gut health. She also has a passion for the deaf and is one of very few health care workers fluent in ASL and committed to making a difference in that community!

 Today, we're talking about sleep, gut health and… water.  When you hear this episode, you'll be thinking a lot about the quality and quantity of the water you drink each day!

2:40 Understanding the cycles of sleep and how long it takes to clean out the detritus of living

4:09 What happens if you don’t get restorative sleep?

5:29 The Four Pillars of Health to produce a healthy ecosystem – Water, Sleep, Food and Herbs are Medicine, Exercise and Stress Management

6:26 What is structured water?

10:09 Sleep hygiene and parasites

20:30  Feeding the neurotransmitters in the brain

22:36  The one thing you must do to have a healthy brain 

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Kate Kunkel is an Amen Licensed Brain Trainer, sound therapist and vegan nutritionist. She coaches midlife and older clients to improve brain function that is compromised due to head trauma, diabetes, obesity, or early cognitive decline.  

We are not stuck with the brains we have, and Kate helps you make yours the best that it can be. With this podcast and a series of courses, programs, and books, Kate shares proven techniques and tools to help you create a healthier, more vibrant future free of worries about dementia or other neurodegenerative diseases.

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To learn many more ways to use music, nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness to build a healthier brain and a more robust memory, read Don't Let the Memories Fade, a Holistic Approach to Preventing Dementia and Creating a Healthier, More Vibrant Future

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