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Five Weeks to a Better Memory and a Happier Brain with Music, Mindfulness and Meditation

Are you struggling to concentrate or to get things accomplished?

Are you having trouble remembering dates or people’s names?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re walking around with fog in your brain?

Then it is definitely time to Tune Up Your Brain!

In this joyful five week group program, you will learn how to:

  • improve concentration 
  • enhance learning 
  • boost your memory
  • use powerful stress-reduction techniques

At the end of these fives weeks, you will have all the resources, and will have made into a routine, the techniques that will put your brain in a state of calm attentiveness. 

While in this state, you will make fewer mistakes, be able to think more clearly, and you will be able to handle stressful situations more easily. 

A better memory and a clearer mind are just weeks away!

A Joyful Way to Tune Up Your Brain

Tune Up Your Brain helps you improve your mindset and your brain functioning with a  unique combination of practices utilizing music, mindfulness and meditation.

What you’ll learn:

●  How to use meditation and music to improve your memory and help destress

● The secret to decluttering your mind 

● Ways to use mindfulness to help you stay focused and be able to retain new information. 

● We’ll be tapping into the power of positivity and using an amazing exercise to make it “stick”.

● How humming and singing and dancing are powerful brain boosters (and it doesn’t matter how we sound or look doing them!) 

Plus so much more, like how to dispel negative thoughts with a simple technique and create beautiful mandalas that help you focus and relax.

It might sound like a lot of work, and it is, but these are fun and creative steps to improve your brain and protect those precious memories! 

I encourage you to join our private FB group where everyone in the course and in the programs can interact and share questions, wins, losses, suggestions, and feedback.

A big part of the program is journaling on an actual paper journal because we’ll be doing some exercises that mean actually connecting our hands to pencils and paper. So the only prerequisite to the program is having a journal and some pencils, pens and maybe some markers or colored pencils or markers.

Bonus for 2023

Musical Brain

A Digital Copy of The Musical Brain

When you sign up for the September, 2023 version of Tune Up Your Brain, you will also receive a free copy of Kate’s bestselling eBook, “The Musical Brain.” This great Short Read will have you humming and singing and dancing with the best of them!

What Graduates of the Tune Up Your Brain Program are Saying !

Diane Renee Macdonell, U.S.A.

I am very thankful for Kate taking the time and effort to do the research and document the information shared in this program, and present it in an easy to grasp fashion.  It supports the outline in Kate’s book for a healthier lifestyle and a healthier brain.

Bernadette O’Rourke, Australia

This program has been a very helpful gift box of tools and suggestions  to practice and references to explore for supporting my brain and memory health.  I learned things about myself in unexpected ways through this 5 weeks. Thank you everyone for being a lovely group!  

Denise Hulbert, Ecuador

This program enlightened me in so many areas pertaining to lifestyle changes supporting a healthy mind and body. I have become more aware of long time habits that are not healthy and trying the options Kate walked us through have given me opportunity to try on what fits. 

Ellen Brett, Canada

I thought it was wonderfully laid out. I liked how you could work at your own pace throughout the week for the lessons within the modules.  This program has many different perspectives and outlets to help tune up your brain. The lessons are straightforward, informative, and fun. 

Mary Roke, U.K.

Tune Up Your Brain is not just for forgetting, its for getting. Obtaining peace, learning to take time for yourself, learning to react less and calm more. Personally, it has helped me handle situations that normally would have thrown me into a tailspin. Now, I take time to stop, think, calm my mind, assess the situation, and then do what I need to do. I went in with a specific and personal need and came away with so much more. 

The next edition of Tune Up Your Brain will be held starting September, 2023. To be notified when the program is open for registration along with all manner of cool info to help you Tune Up Your Brain in the meantime, please send an e-mail to

We’ll make sure you get a special invitation.

Get ready to learn and have FUN while you’re protecting those all-important memories!