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Your Brain on Toxins

Once you realize the devastating effects toxins of any kind can have on your brain, it’s easy to see why it’s so important to be aware of everything you put in and on your body and in your home.

Amen University Curriculum Director and Functional Medicine Coach Fallon Jordan shared with Kate Kunkel how a toxic brain looks, how mold, artificial scents, antiperspirants and household cleaners can wreak havoc on your overall health, your personality, and your brain.

Some highlights of the show:

1:53 How scans determine if the neurological or psychological issues you're having could be from toxic exposure
3:33 Simple steps to get the detox ball rolling
4:20 The Think Dirty App
5:33 Toxic dangers of over-the-county medications, sleep medications and more
9:45 Mold – a hidden and persistent danger
12:37 Herpes Simplex is much more than a nuisance
14:50 Personality changes from mold exposure
15:58 Innovative ways to release traume
18:38 Screening for toxic exposure
1954 Toxins in our everyday products

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The Body Keeps the Score

This is the candle manufacturer Fallon mentioned: Simply Latina on Instagram

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