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Who is Kate Kunkel?

Have you ever sat down and really thought about how you got to this point in your life?

It’s quite the exercise and I highly recommend it for everyone!

When I set out to do this bio, I struggled to decide – what about me is important to the message I’m sharing here? Why would anybody care about what I have to say, on this website, or in the information I share in my books or through my courses?

My journey has been filled with twists and turns, something I think most of us can relate to. I started out in the legal profession, then moved to writing and into the television and movie industries.  It was fun and exciting, but … fulfilling? Not really.

But in 1992, I had a life-changing experience and was given a dream in which I played a harp. It was then, finally, that I began to hone in on my life’s purpose.  

As a result, for the last nearly three decades, I have nurtured the gift of music, with my harp and vibroacoustic therapy, and shared its healing power through programs and coaching. 

When my Mom was diagnosed with dementia in 2010, a whole new dimension was added to my life, and I began to research and study this terrible disease. I hoped to help her reverse her symptoms, and while her diagnosis came far too late in the progress of the disease for my work to make a meaningful difference, I was able to improve my own memory and mind.

The lifestyle changes that I instituted to protect my own brain in response to Mom’s diagnosis led me to study more about nutrition and brain health, and I became a vegan nutritionist and trained with Dr. Daniel Amen to become one of his licensed brain trainers and a certified brain health professional.

Sharing the knowledge I learned on my own and in my various trainings, I created a program that I shared with friends and family who had amazing results as well, and I began sharing it with coaches. It is the Eight Weeks to a Better Brain Program that I now share in my book, “Don’t Let the Memories Fade” and with clients in coaching programs and classes. 

My mantra, and what I hope to instill in others, is this:

“It is never too early to look after your brain, but it can become too late.”

If you are interested in learning all that you can about protecting your brain and PREVENTING dementia and Alzheimer’s, while getting support from others who are serious about improving and protecting their brains, JOIN my Facebook group where we share recipes, research, tips and support that will inspire and empower you to boost your brain and stay healthy.